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We’re very proud of the work we do here at Dr Aesthetics and are totally committed to helping our clients look and feel great.

Whether that’s by reducing and improving the visible signs of ageing, enhancing natural features or improving the look and texture skin, you can be confident that we are a client focused clinic delivering the very best in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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Lip fillers for natural enhancement of what we already have
The Vampire facial, popularized by the Kardashians. This is a facial where we use growth factors from your own blood spin in a centrifuge and we use platelet rich plasma( PRP) for skin rejuvenation.
In this case it’s clear that there is a different lighting between the two pictures. Notice that there is a difference though in the depressions of the tear troughs. This treatments is very beneficial to those who feel they look tired despite having adequate sleep #prphairrestoration #newcastle #restylane #juvederm #juvedermlips #juvedermvoluma #restylanelips #restylanelyft #prp #aesthetics #plasticsurgery #pdothreadlift #lipinjections #lipaugmentation #cheekaugmentation #8pointfacelift #antiwrinkle #botox #azzalure #newcastle #carlisle
We all love a client selfie. Natural results for me are pivotal. I don’t think anyone could disagree that these looks look completely natural
@little.kerrie client, friend and mother figure( I wonder whether she will let that last one slide) we’ve worked in improving general skin quality to give a more youthful appearance she’s happy what do you guys think ?
We don’t like fake lips, this is 2 weeks post procedure so swelling has subsided. This client has had 2mls in total
It’s not about looking fake it’s about looking fresher and healthier tear trough fillers using 1ml
Nice to see that the regulars are happy with their results of anti wrinkle injections
This was a case of severe volume deficiency and poor skin quality on the left on the right was 48 hours after a combination treatment of PRP in which we used to Volumise the face with and we used a microneedling to the skin with the PRP
The buildup process. Things to identify are an upper lip which lacks structure lower lip is reasonable. As always clients become greedy and want more this was 3mls of filler over a period of 8 months
This Post was on the British Beauty Council’s page. It does seem like there is going to be some activity into making this field medical and safer #safetyinbeauty
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